Delivered Hot and fresh. Some of the best I've had.
Food was awesome....arrived hot and delicious!
jing's garden has been our go-to chinese takeout for a few years now. i usually order via foodler but every now and then half the menu items go missing for some reason. they've also upped all their prices and delivery fees by at least a dollar, and removed several cheaper options (like being able to get a combo plate with one app instead of two) which makes takeout quite expensive, but all the other chinese places we've tried have been terrible so we stick around. on the upside, they've gotten a new delivery driver who is always super nice and never has an issue finding our address or using the right door (a common issue for us in the past with lots of places). they also always pack everything really nicely, and bag anything that might leak so you're never handed any leaky bags or greasy paper sacks. we often ask for extra hot mustard to be sent in the comments section and they'll probably throw in one extra 1/2 the time, so don't rely on that. we actually paid for it once since they now sell it in the extras section of their menu but they still only sent one, which they would have sent for free anyway! so don't bother with that option, imho. they do always send a nice amount of duck sauce, soy sauce, & fortune cookies. the chicken fingers are always good - white meat, not too greasy, crisp coating, generous portions. the sweet and sour is hit or miss. for a long time they had the really nice red sauce with fruit & vegetables, but that went away when they changed their menu and raised prices. now you get the pale pink stuff with nothing in it, which sometimes is okay but other times it's about as thin as broth and doesn't taste anything but vaguely sour. the lo mein is a another item that isn't the same anymore. used to be really good hot or cold, plenty of meat and/or veg. now it costs more and doesn't taste like much, stingy with ingredients and sometimes will send straight up spaghetti. egg rolls are good although occasionally a little heavy handed with the five spice. rice is always really good, shrimp is my fave but sometimes i'll get chicken or pork. my partner likes the pork strips and the lobster sauce. he's also branched out a couple times to get a "meat and veg in sauce" type entree and each he has tried have been quite good. (he eats the meat, i end up eating all the leftover veg!) crab rangoons are standard. peking ravioli is too, but $6 for four dumplings crazy. the hot and sour soup is very good, sometimes a little crazy with the cornstarch but flavor is excellent. we always get the scallion pie free with a coupon, but they only get it right about a quarter of the time. when it's good it's really good, but when it's not the pancake pieces are very thick and not cooked on the inside, with hardly any scallions. overall easily the best place in this area for americanized chinese, but i do wish they'd fix the menu issues and reconsider the pricing, and bring back the old sweet & sour and lo mein.
Very good food.
Any questions please call us.